Cyprus Sends Second Aid Shipment to Gaza Amid Urgent Need for Supplies

Palestinians gather on a beach in the hope of getting aid air-dropped over Gaza, amid the ongoing the conflict between Israel and Hamas, in the southern Gaza Strip February 27, 2024. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
Cyprus is sending a second aid shipment to Gaza as part of a new sea route to deliver emergency supplies. The country aims to establish a maritime corridor directly to Gaza due to serious obstacles for land aid delivery. Coordination with US, UK, UAE, and EU is ongoing to ensure successful aid delivery.
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Cyprus is sending a second aid shipment to Gaza in response to the urgent need for supplies in the war-torn region. A ship carrying nearly 200 tons of food aid embarked on a new sea route from Cyprus to Gaza, highlighting the country’s crucial role in delivering humanitarian assistance to Palestinians. The Cypriot Foreign Minister emphasized the importance of offering help to those in need and stressed the need for a coalition of willing participants to support the aid efforts.

Coordination of maritime assistance for Gaza will be discussed in a conference call with high-level officials, including the US Secretary of State and UAE Foreign Minister. The aid, mostly funded by the UAE and collected by the charity World Central Kitchen, is set to arrive in Gaza soon. Plans are in place to establish a “maritime highway” for future aid shipments, with Cyprus proposing security inspections on the island before delivery to ensure smooth operations.

Despite Israel’s presence in Gaza and tight restrictions imposed on aid deliveries, efforts are being made to provide essential supplies to the people in need. The United States has started airdropping aid into Gaza, but organizations stress the importance of land access for more efficient and cost-effective deliveries. Cyprus is playing a crucial role in facilitating aid shipments to Gaza, aiming to alleviate the suffering of the population struggling to access basic necessities.

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