Indonesia ferry crashed into pier and crashed over jetty

Indonesian ferry accident
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A commercial ferry lost control as it was approaching a dock in northern Indonesia, resulting in temporary suspension of operations for the affected ferry. The ferry, named Mutiara Pertiwi 1, caused significant damage to one of the ferry docks. The incident occurred as the empty ship attempted to dock at Pier 2 without slowing down or veering off course, resulting in it throwing Pier 1 sideways, detaching it from the dolphin, and damaging a second ferry before coming to a halt.

The ferry weighs 1,500 gross tons and is 221 feet long. A team has been deployed on-site to commence an investigation and question the passengers on board as officials suspend operations temporarily. Pier 1 has been closed for repairs while investigations are still ongoing. Additionally, the port operator noted that the weather didn’t seem to be a factor, but there is a strong current in the area.

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