Introducing the Blue Wireless Maritime Bundle

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Maritime applications are increasingly demanding more bandwidth, which is putting pressure on existing satellite links and IT budgets. To address this issue, LTE/5G wireless technologies are being seen as a more affordable and reliable alternative for high-speed connectivity on board ships. This can improve communications and user experience for both crew and passengers. Wireless connectivity can be used for crew and passenger WiFi, enabling cloud applications and IoT, and improving communications and video conferencing between offshore and onshore teams. It can also serve as a primary or backup line to satellite-based networks.

The Maritime Connectivity Bundle is a comprehensive package that offers reliable and secure connectivity for nearshore vessels. The IBR1700 is a device equipped with advanced features that support multiple 4G LTE cellular networks, making it robust and reliable. It is designed to withstand the harsh maritime environment with waterproofing and rugged construction. The OMNI-402 antennas are optimized for maritime use and provide a strong and stable signal even in challenging conditions.

A case study on Vroon shows the benefits of wireless connectivity. Vroon was able to update its network infrastructure and increase bandwidth, improving communications and application performance on its nearshore vessels. With Cradlepoint’s NetCloud, Vroon has full visibility and control of data usage across the entire fleet, allowing for management and support without the need for IT staff on board.

Blue Wireless is a leading global provider of wireless connectivity solutions and partners with Cradlepoint, Poynting, and Panorama around the world.

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