King Visits Global Underwater Hub

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King Charles recently visited the Global Underwater Hub (GUH), a trade body representing companies in the UK subsea sector. GUH gave the King a tour of its premises in Westhill, Aberdeen, showcasing the important work being done in offshore energy, aquaculture, defense, and telecoms. During the visit, King Charles inspected the latest technology in submersible vehicles and viewed a live offshore operation in the Netherlands. He also toured exhibits from companies specializing in underwater diving technology, 3D image capturing, and eco-friendly artificial reefs. The visit highlighted the importance of initiatives like the GUH STEM Challenge in inspiring young people about technology in the underwater industries.

Neil Gordon, CEO of GUH, expressed his honor in welcoming King Charles and stated that the visit provided a unique opportunity to showcase the UK’s underwater sectors, the technology and expertise of member companies, and their commitment to developing skills and capabilities to remain a global leader. Before departing, King Charles unveiled a plaque to commemorate the visit.

Overall, the visit by King Charles to the Global Underwater Hub emphasized the significance of the UK subsea sector and its contributions to various industries. It also highlighted the importance of inspiring young people through educational outreach programs like the GUH STEM Challenge.

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