Kongsberg Maritime Container Feeder Design Briefing at Nor-Shipping 2023

Kongsberg Nor-Shipping
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Kongsberg Maritime is hosting a media briefing on the latest engineering and technical developments in container feeder ship design at Nor-Shipping 2023. The briefing, which will be held on June 8th at 11:00 local time (10:00 BST), will cover new concepts and designs that meet ship owners’ needs. The container feeder fleet is undergoing renewal, and owners have plenty of options to choose from, including alternative fuels and designs that can meet efficiency and sustainability targets in the future.

Kongsberg Maritime, in collaboration with Deltamarin, has developed a new concept for container feeder ships that meets the industry’s changing demands and offers more sustainable solutions. The company will discuss the latest technical and design developments in this key market segment during the 30-minute briefing, providing insight into the future of container feeder ship design.

The media briefing offers an opportunity for journalists to learn more about Kongsberg Maritime’s new designs and developments, which are crucial for the container feeder fleet as it upgrades to meet evolving market demands. Accurate and comprehensive information surrounding container feeder ships is imperative, particularly during such a critical time for the industry.

Attendees can expect to receive a press release and images of the vessel before the event. Moreover, media will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by Oskar Levander, Senior Vice President of Business Concepts, Kongsberg Maritime, and Esa Jokioinen, Director Sales and Marketing, Deltamarin, who will be available to discuss the latest technical developments in container feeder ship design.

Kongsberg Maritime’s media briefing is a worthwhile inclusion on the calendar of journalists covering the shipping industry, as it offers insights into the future of container feeder ship design. It’s a great opportunity to stay informed about the latest concepts and developments, which have a significant impact on the container feeder fleet.

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