Kongsberg showcases new offshore ship designs with alternative fuels.

Kongsberg Maritime Unveils Next-Gen Offshore Vessel
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Kongsberg Maritime, a Norwegian maritime technology company, has showcased its offshore ship designs in its UT Design portfolio. The new anchor handler (AHT) and platform supply vessels (PSV) have the potential to include alternative energy sources and fuels, such as methanol, ammonia, and hybrid-battery power. DNV, a classification society, has granted Approval in Principle for the AHT and PSV designs to operate with ammonia-fuelled engines, which can also include offshore charging capable plug-in hybrid options.

Director of Ship Design Solutions at Kongsberg Maritime, Einar Vegsund, commented on the new ship designs, stating: “These latest designs…offer customers next-generation ships that are equipped for the future. Our ship designs continue to evolve, and changes to regulations and uncertainty around preferred fuels have driven the demand to create ships that are ready for the future and give owners the confidence to invest, knowing their ships can adapt to meet future requirements.” Martijn de Jongh, Chief Designer of Specialised Vessels, added that the designs have incorporated efficient solutions and techniques to reduce the ships’ environmental footprint.

Kongsberg Maritime’s new anchor handler range, UT 7800, features four varying sizes, from small to extra-large, and with bollard pulls that range from 180 to over 400 tons. The design has the potential to operate in the offshore wind market, in addition to its initial operations in the oil and gas anchor handling market. The ship design has the benefit of being able to adapt to new environments, reducing operational cost savings and enabling crucial offshore tasks to be handled by a single ship. Kongsberg’s PSV range of designs comes in different cargo configurations and capacities, providing safe and compliant transportation of hazardous materials while optimising the structural arrangement.

Kongsberg Maritime’s newest ship designs provide sustainable solutions for the maritime industry. Offering customers next-generation ships that can adapt to fuel transitions and emerging markets, the designs are equipped for the future and provide investors with confidence. The anchor handler and platform supply vessel designs have already been certified by a classification society and have efficient solutions and techniques to reduce environmental footprints.

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