Learning from Michael Hudner: Life Lessons from a Viral Billionaire Shipowner

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Noah Kagan, a YouTuber, had a chance encounter with Michael Hudner, the founder and CEO of B+H shipping, while asking “rich people” in New York about their careers and advice for young people. This unexpected encounter led to an intriguing interview that garnered over 19 million views on YouTube (video).

The interview, which took place in Rhode Island, covered a wide range of topics, from Hudner’s early days in real estate to his experiences in buying and selling ships. He also opened up about the tragic death of his 19-year-old son. The result is a spontaneous and fascinating conversation with one of the world’s leading ship financing experts.

This interview offers viewers a unique insight into the life and experiences of Michael Hudner, providing valuable lessons and perspectives on entrepreneurship and overcoming personal hardships. It is a compelling and informative piece that has resonated with a wide audience, thanks to its unconventional origins and the captivating storytelling of Kagan.

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