Living on a Cruise Ship: My Cost-Free Abode

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A woman named Erica has revealed that she lives on a cruise ship for free, but the living conditions are far from luxurious. Erica, who has worked on cruise ships for six years, shared a video on social media giving viewers a glimpse of her cabin. She explained that crew members often have to share a small space with another employee and have limited storage space. Despite the cramped quarters, each room is equipped with a private TV screen and a small ensuite bathroom. The video has gone viral, with many people expressing their surprise at the living arrangements.

Erica’s video shows that crew members on cruise ships have to make do with very limited space and shared accommodations. Each cabin has two single bunk beds and a small amount of storage space. Erica mentioned that the lack of closet space can be a deal breaker for some, but she has managed to fit eight to ten outfits by hanging them correctly. The ensuite bathroom, although small, provides some privacy for crew members. Overall, Erica describes the living conditions as similar to “adult camp or college.”

The video has garnered a lot of attention, with viewers asking questions about life onboard a cruise ship. Some were curious about the laundry situation, while others were surprised that crew members have to share rooms. Some viewers compared the living conditions to “luxury jail” and expressed concerns about the lack of a window. Despite the challenges, Erica’s job has allowed her to travel to 72 countries, making the living arrangements worth it for her.

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