Living on Cruise Ships: An Affordable and Unique Retirement Option

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An Australian couple, Marty and Jess Ansen, spent 18 months living on cruise ships as it was cheaper than paying for a retirement home. After missing the sea when the pandemic halted the cruising industry, the couple decided to book 51 back-to-back cruises. They have been living on the Coral Princess ship since June 2022 and have become accustomed to the cruise ship lifestyle. Their meals and housekeeping are included in the overall price of the cruise, saving them money on food and other expenses. The couple has eight months left on board the Coral Princess and plans to do another trip around the world before taking a year-long cruise on the Crown Princess.

The couple’s decision to live on cruise ships is not unique. Others, such as Ryan Gutridge and Antonia Cole, have also chosen to live on cruise ships for extended periods of time. Gutridge realized he could work remotely from a cruise ship during the pandemic, while Cole has worked aboard cruise ships for two years and considers it her dream life. Additionally, an American named Austin Wells bought an entire apartment on a cruise ship because it was cheaper than buying a home.

Living on a cruise ship offers financial benefits and a unique lifestyle for those who choose it. The Ansen couple has found joy in their daily routine on the Coral Princess, including playing table tennis and celebrating special occasions with the ship’s staff and crew members. They are looking forward to their future cruise adventures and continue to enjoy the freedom and lack of responsibilities that come with living at sea.

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