Marine Medical Solutions Advocates for Proper Antibiotic Use

Marine Medical Solutions (MMS) is urging ships' Masters to seek medical input before giving crew members unnecessary antibiotics, as improper use can lead to antibiotic resistance. CEO Dr. Jens Tülsner emphasizes the importance of professional medical assistance to ensure timely and appropriate care for seafarers, reducing risks and economic losses.
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Marine Medical Solutions (MMS) is expressing concern over the increasing use of unnecessary antibiotics among crew members, which could lead to reduced effectiveness of these medications in the future. The company is urging ships’ Masters to seek medical input before administering antibiotics, as they are only beneficial for treating bacterial infections. Improper use of antibiotics can contribute to antibiotic resistance, posing a risk to seafarers and the wider population, potentially leading to economic losses in the maritime industry.

CEO of MMS, Doctor Jens Tülsner, notes a troubling trend where antibiotics are being used as a quick fix for various health issues onboard vessels, without addressing the root cause of illnesses. He encourages Masters to seek professional medical assistance, such as telemedical consultations, to ensure timely and appropriate care for seafarers. Despite having the authority to make medical decisions, Masters often lack adequate medical training, resulting in premature administration of antibiotics and worsening health issues.

The improper use of antibiotics onboard ships has led to cases where seafarers require hospitalization and repatriation due to advanced illnesses, causing financial strain on maritime companies and disrupting operations. MMS emphasizes the importance of seeking appropriate medical advice to prevent unnecessary health risks and economic losses. The company urges Masters to prioritize the wellbeing of crew members by seeking professional medical assistance when faced with health issues onboard.

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