Bangladeshi sailors aboard hijacked MV Abdullah reported safe, efforts underway for safe return

The 23 Bangladeshi sailors on the hijacked MV Abdullah are safe, with efforts focused on bringing them back with the ship, according to Rear Admiral (retd) Khurshed Alam. No ransom has been demanded yet, and the pirates have not made contact. Similar incidents in the past have been successfully resolved.
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The 23 Bangladeshi sailors aboard the hijacked MV Abdullah are reported to be safe, according to Rear Admiral (retd) Khurshed Alam, Secretary of the Maritime Affairs Unit of the foreign ministry. The priority is to bring the sailors back along with the ship, with no ransom demands having been made by the pirates as of yet. The ship did not take a high-risk route, and the pirates have anchored near Somalia after taking control of the vessel.

Khurshed Alam mentioned previous experiences with similar incidents, such as the hijacking of the ship Jahan Moni in 2010, which was successfully resolved after 100 days. He also highlighted the case of the Malaysian ship Al-Bedo, where Bangladeshi sailors were among those held captive by pirates for over three years until negotiations with the Kenyan army led to their safe return. The Malaysian owner did not take responsibility for the situation.

The secretary emphasized the need for swift action to ensure the safe return of the Bangladeshi sailors on the MV Abdullah, drawing on past experiences of successful negotiations in similar hijacking situations. The ministry is closely monitoring the situation and working towards a resolution to bring back the sailors unharmed. Efforts are being made to establish communication with the pirates and secure the release of the ship and its crew.

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