Maritime Spatial Plan Approved by Romania

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The Romanian ministries have prepared a draft emergency ordinance approving the Maritime Spatial Plan (MSP), which is a strategic planning document for the sustainable and integrated development of various economic sectors within Romanian waters. The plan covers installations and infrastructure for oil, gas, and mineral exploration, renewable energy production, submarine cables and pipelines, pollution control, and extraction of raw materials. The plan will be implemented through a monitoring mechanism, with public authorities required to submit monitoring reports every three years. The Maritime Planning Committee (MPC) will coordinate the process and determine the need for updates, which must occur at least once every 10 years. Operators proposing new projects must notify the MPC for analysis and consideration of conflicts or synergies with other objectives in the MSP.

Romania was one of 16 countries that failed to submit their MSPs to the EU Commission by the March 31, 2021 deadline. WindEurope, an industry association, called for these countries to accelerate their work and submit their plans as soon as possible to align with the EU’s offshore wind and climate change goals.

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