Mawei Shipyard secures PCTC pair from Neptune Lines

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Neptune Shipping has announced the order of two new vessels as part of its strategy to expand its fleet and reduce emissions. The vessels, which have a length of 177.8 metres and a width of 33.4 metres, are the first of a new series designed for shortsea trading. They are expected to increase cargo capacity by 36% and will be classed by DNV.

The design of the vessels has been developed in collaboration with Deltamarin and includes hybrid energy systems. These systems use battery installation to supply peak power and the vessels can be fueled by either LNG or VLSFO, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also feature a controllable pitch propeller with shaft generator and multiple thrusters for efficient propulsion and maneuvering. Shore power capability will be installed, allowing the vessels to connect to port grids and eliminate emissions when in port.

The two vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2026. Neptune Shipping aims to supplement its fleet over the next decade and remain ahead of global emission targets. By investing in these new vessels, the company is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable shipping practices and reducing its environmental impact.

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