Methane Emissions Analysis: Green Instruments and Everimpact Chosen

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Safetytech Accelerator has selected two of its members, Green Instruments and Everimpact, to participate in an evaluation exercise aimed at measuring methane emissions from shipboard combustion. The exercise will include feasibility and pilot studies with CoolCo, MOL, and Shell. Green Instruments offers emissions monitoring systems for marine and land-based applications, including its G7000 continuous emissions measurement system (CEMS) which monitors sulphur and carbon performance in ships’ scrubbers. Everimpact, on the other hand, uses satellites, sensors, and artificial intelligence to monitor greenhouse gases. The company has launched a sensor-based CEMS for ships, which has already been installed on a Mitsubishi vessel.

The Methane Abatement and Measurement Initiative for the Industry (MAMII) was established in September 2022 and is led by Safetytech Accelerator. It aims to bring together industry partners, technology innovators, and maritime stakeholders to measure and mitigate methane emissions. One of the key priorities for MAMII is addressing methane slip, which refers to unburned methane in the exhaust stack. The initiative currently has 16 major shipping companies as partners, including Shell, MOL, and Carnival Corporation & Plc.

The selected members, Green Instruments and Everimpact, are excited to be part of this initiative. Casper Nørgaard Jensen, Sales Manager at Green Instruments, emphasized the importance of collecting accurate data on ship emissions for the decarbonisation transition. Mathieu Carlier, founder and CEO of Everimpact, expressed his excitement about evaluating their continuous emissions measurement system for tracking methane slip, as it aligns with their mission to accelerate the decarbonisation of shipping with better data. The evaluation exercise will help advance the understanding and measurement of methane emissions in the shipping industry.

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