Minnesota’s First Provider of All Electric Personal Watercraft: Centre Powersports & Marine

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Centre Powersports & Marine, a dealership based in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, is set to become the state’s first Taiga Technical Service Provider for all-electric personal watercraft. This partnership marks a significant development in the power sports industry. Eric Peterson, the owner of Centre Powersports & Marine, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that it is the biggest thing to hit the industry in many years and believes it will attract many new powersports enthusiasts. The dealership will showcase the Taiga Orca at their showroom during an open house on October 28th, giving watercraft lovers and curious onlookers a chance to experience these eco-friendly and quiet units firsthand.

The Taiga Orca is described as a state-of-the-art unit that provides a thrilling ride while being environmentally friendly. Its introduction to the market represents a new era in the power sports industry. Centre Powersports & Marine’s partnership with Taiga signifies a remarkable step forward in the industry’s efforts to embrace electric technology and promote sustainable practices. The dealership’s open house event will allow attendees to interact with the units and witness the future of watersports firsthand.

This groundbreaking development highlights the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives in the power sports industry. The Taiga Orca offers a unique combination of excitement and sustainability, appealing to both watercraft enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers. As the first Taiga Technical Service Provider in Minnesota, Centre Powersports & Marine is leading the way in promoting electric personal watercraft and introducing a new era in the industry.

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