MISC and NYK Line Collaborate in Maritime Methane Abatement Initiative

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Japanese shipping company NYK Line, Malaysian shipping line MISC, and methane measurement certification company MiQ have joined the Methane Abatement in Maritime Innovation Initiative (MAMII). This initiative aims to address the environmental implications of liquefied natural gas (LNG). MAMII, established in September 2022, has more than doubled its membership in its first year, growing from seven initial members to 16. The initiative has produced a methane strategy landscape report, analyzed over 150 technology companies, and created an ecosystem of 27 Methane Tech companies. However, leaders of the initiative emphasize that more time and investment are needed for the technology ecosystem for methane measurement and abatement.

LNG is known to generate less carbon dioxide and emit fewer pollutants compared to traditional fuels. However, unburned methane passing through the combustion process and into the atmosphere has a significant warming effect, reducing the environmental benefits of using LNG. MAMII aims to reduce the methane footprint of the maritime industry and develop a standard for methane emission measurement. The initiative plans to release a comprehensive progress report in January 2024, providing actionable steps for the industry to tackle the methane emission challenge.

Steve Price, MAMII Programme Director, highlights the dedication of the maritime industry to reducing its methane footprint and emphasizes the importance of technology and monitoring in mitigating methane leaks onboard LNG-fueled ships. He also notes that while the industry develops infrastructure for alternative fuels like Ammonia and Hydrogen, the benefits of LNG over fuel oil can still be realized with the right technology and monitoring of well to tank.

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