Cruise Season in Goa Sees Growth with Increase in International and Domestic Ships

The port of Mormugao attracts large cruise ships
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The cruise season in Goa is expected to feature 82 ships, with 10 more likely to arrive at Vasco port in the coming winter months. The increase in cruise traffic is attributed to the spillover of cancelled cruises during the Covid pandemic, an increase in domestic cruise services, and an overall revival in the cruise sector. The senior traffic manager of Mormugao Port Authority stated that 32 international cruises and 40 domestic cruise ships booked berths at the port for this season, compared to 18 international cruises the previous season.

Improving infrastructure at domestic ports and the market-driven nature of cruise routes are contributing to the increase in international travel to India. Cruise ships, which can carry an average of 2,000 passengers, are expected to sharply increase in number in the 2023-24 season. There has been a rise in coastal cruises on the Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep route thanks to cruise lines from the US and UK sailing in Indian coastal waters, and some of them making Mumbai port their home port.

The growth in cruise tourism in India is projected to continue, with an expected 40 lakh cruise passengers and a projected revenue of ₹35,000 crore by 2041. This growth is attracting many foreign ships to Indian ports and indicating a large market for cruise tourism in the country.

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