MPA Singapore Improves Maritime Connectivity with 5G to Enhance Crew Welfare

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MPA Singapore has enhanced maritime connectivity with the introduction of 5G technology for crew welfare. The new 5G network will provide faster and more reliable communication connectivity in port waters, major anchorages, fairways, terminals, and boarding grounds. Dennis Khoo, MPA’s Director of Maritime Systems and Technology, has been collaborating with telcos and other partners to enable maritime applications and ensure good network connectivity at sea.

Maritime 5G will not only support consumer-based applications, but also industry applications such as robotics and manufacturing. Fullerton Health is one of the first users of Maritime 5G, providing seafarers with access to teleconsult services at sea since July 2023. Dr. Faizal Kassim, Medical Director of Fullerton Health Group, emphasizes the importance of accurate teleconsults, which require high-quality audio and video feeds for informed diagnoses and treatment. With 5G, the network enables high-fidelity video resolution and good audio feed, ensuring reliable teleconsult services for seafarers.

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