Oldendorff Carriers Partners with MTR for Extensive Online Training Package

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German shipowner Oldendorff Carriers has signed a multi-year deal with maritime training provider MTR for an extensive online training package. MTR was chosen due to its flexibility and ability to tailor training to Oldendorff’s future requirements. MTR’s CEO, Capt Ozgur Alemdag, stated that the demand for their digital interactive content is increasing, and this package will help shipping companies meet the rigorous requirements of DryBMS and Rightship’s Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ). MTR currently has over 600 ships under its subscription service and aims to reach 1500 ships by the end of 2024. Alemdag expressed the company’s desire to develop more engaging and interactive training in areas such as data analytics, AI, crew wellness, and gamification learning.

This partnership between Oldendorff Carriers and MTR highlights the growing importance of online training in the maritime industry. With the increasing demand for digital interactive content, companies like MTR are well-positioned to provide tailored training solutions. By meeting the strict requirements of DryBMS and RISQ, shipping companies can ensure compliance and improve their overall safety and performance. MTR’s goal to reach 1500 ships under their subscription service by 2024 shows their commitment to expanding their reach and providing training to a larger audience.

In the future, MTR aims to focus on developing more engaging and interactive training methods. This includes areas such as data analytics, AI, crew wellness, and gamification learning. By incorporating these technologies and approaches, MTR hopes to provide a more personalized and immersive training experience for maritime professionals. This emphasis on innovation and growth reflects the evolving nature of the maritime industry and the need for continuous learning and improvement.

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