NATO Bolsters Baltic Sea Patrols in Response to Subsea Infrastructure Damage

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NATO and its Allies are increasing patrols in the Baltic Sea in response to recent damage to undersea infrastructure in the region. The enhanced measures include additional surveillance and reconnaissance flights, deployment of minehunters, and the use of drones. NATO is closely monitoring the situation and maintaining close contact with Estonia, Finland, and Sweden to ensure the safety of its Allies.

Following the sabotage of the Nord Stream in September 2022, NATO has been stepping up patrols near critical undersea infrastructure and promoting technological innovation, such as the use of drones, to improve detection of suspicious activity. In order to strengthen coordination between governments, military, industry actors, and NATO, a dedicated undersea infrastructure coordination cell was created earlier this year. Additionally, the NATO Maritime Centre for the Security of Critical Undersea Infrastructure has been established within NATO’s Maritime Command.

The increased patrols and deployment of resources in the Baltic Sea demonstrate NATO’s commitment to adapt its maritime posture and take all necessary steps to protect its Allies. By closely monitoring the situation and collaborating with regional partners, NATO aims to ensure the security of critical undersea infrastructure in the region.

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