New shipping partnership promotes use of biofuels to reduce CO2 emissions

New shipping partnership promotes use of biofuels to reduce CO2 emissions
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Companies that import or export their cargo by ship usually have little influence on the choice of fuel by the container shipping company and GoodShipping wants to change this with the “Insetting” concept.

In December, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and GoodShipping announced the “Switch to Zero” campaign to promote sustainable sea freight transport.

Insetting reduces carbon emissions by using sustainable marine fuel. This is in contrast to offsetting, where CO2 is offset by planting trees, for example.

Shippers often transport small amounts of containers on different ships and can save a certain amount of CO2 by insetting via GoodShipping, which enables CO2-neutral transport of the cargo.

GoodShipping ensures that this CO2 reduction is achieved by providing a ship with sustainable fuel, while this ship does not have to be the same ship that transports the containers.

This makes it easy for sea freight shipping companies to make a concrete contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

GoodShipping ensures that several Samskip ships are supplied with biofuels, achieving a CO2 reduction of 2,023 tons, which corresponds to the amount of CO2 released when transporting around 15,000 TEU containers between Rotterdam and Gothenburg.

The participating companies are Dille & Kamille, Swinkels Family Brewers, Yogi Tea, Beiersdorf, Bugaboo, Otto Group, K2 Forwarding, Yumeko, NINE & Co., De Kleine Keuken, Royal van Whije Verf, Intersteel, OMyBag, Regent Ingredients, Dopper, Johnny Cashew and Anchor International.

Source: News Network

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