Norway’s oil industry resumes helicopter operations following recent fatal crash

A Sikorsky S-92 helicopter hovering
Norwegian oil companies resumed helicopter flights to offshore oil and gas fields after a fatal crash off the country's west coast. Equinor CEO stated that there were no indications of safety issues with helicopters, and investigations into the crash are ongoing. Unions urged Equinor to diversify its helicopter fleet for added flexibility.
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Norwegian oil companies have resumed helicopter flights to offshore oil and gas fields after a fatal crash off the country’s west coast. The helicopter traffic was suspended following the crash that left one person dead and five injured. Despite the incident, there are no indications that helicopter safety is restricted on the Norwegian continental shelf, according to Equinor CEO Kjetil Hove. The investigation into the causes of the crash is ongoing, and authorities are closely monitoring the situation.

The Sikorsky helicopter model, used extensively in the Norwegian oil industry, is being scrutinized after the crash. The Norwegian Safety Investigation Agency is continuing to locate the wreckage, which sank several hundred meters after crashing into the sea. Equinor has completed discussions to purchase new helicopters to ensure more flexibility in their fleet, with the first two aircraft expected to arrive next year. Unions have also called for diversification in the helicopter fleet to enhance safety measures.

Meanwhile, one of the injured helicopter crew members remains in serious but stable condition, while the others are being treated for minor injuries or have been released from the hospital. Sikorsky has emphasized that safety is a top priority and is cooperating with the investigation. The Federal Aviation Administration and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency are closely monitoring the situation and will take necessary actions based on the investigation’s findings.

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