Norwegian Cruise Line silently adds popular items to the Prohibited List

Norwegian Cruise Line ship
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Cruise lines regularly update their lists of restricted and prohibited items to include new items of concern or new technology that might be problematic on board ships, but Norwegian Cruise Line recently added a very popular and longstanding cruise staple to its list. According to the updated list, guests are no longer allowed to bring fans on board a Norwegian ship.

Fans now banned on Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian cruise lineThe list of prohibited items now contains 31 different items. They are listed in the order in which they were added to the list and the most recent addition is number 31 – “All types of fans including portable, battery powered, electric, etc.”

This will concern many cruise guests, who bring onboard fans of various sizes to help airflow in their cabins, white noise for better sleep, for drying wet swimwear or clothes, or just for personal comfort.

Many cruise lines ban electrical devices to ensure the ship’s electrical system is not affected by non-compliant items, but personal fans are generally an exception and are permitted on board.

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Some lines restrict certain types of fans, such as Carnival Cruise Line Allow fans with a diameter of no more than 12″. Larger box fans, fan towers or oscillating fans on large stands are not permitted.

Royal Caribbean International has no limits for any type of fan, neither does MSC Cruises. Disney Cruise Line allows “portable fans,” which would still preclude larger fans.

On most cruise lines, guests can request a fan from their cabin attendant. Although certain fans may be prohibited, a “loan” fan may be available. However, supplies are limited and cannot be guaranteed, so interested guests should request a fan as soon as they can contact their cabin attendant.

Are all fans banned?

Since Norwegian Cruise Line’s banned list states that all types of fans are not allowed, it appears that no fans are allowed on any of the lines at all 18 current ships.

However, it is possible that the policy will be adjusted in the future to allow smaller fans or those using only certain types of power sources to ensure they are safe on board and compatible with the ship’s power system.

For example, fans that may use large batteries could still be banned regardless of their size, as large batteries are listed separately on Norwegian’s Prohibited List (number 20).

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Guests attempting to bring a fan on board are subject to the cruise line’s prohibited items policy.

“The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority”, read politics. “These items will be confiscated and not transported on board. If an item is determined to be illegal, the relevant authorities will be informed.”

In some cases, items may be stored at the port of embarkation until guests return to collect them. If guests have driven to the port, they may also be able to return prohibited items, including fans, to their vehicle before boarding their cruise ship.

Other prohibited items you wouldn’t expect

While some items on Norwegian Cruise Line’s prohibited items list are sensible and obvious, such as guns, illegal drugs, and fireworks, other items may seem simple and harmless, but are still not permitted.

For example, no candles or other items with an open flame or exposed heating element, such as immersion heaters, irons, and hotplates, are permitted.

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Also prohibited are items that could cause difficulties in navigating or operating the ship, such as B. Emergency Position Indicating Beacons (EPIRB), amateur radio equipment, radio or telephone jamming equipment, or satellite phones. Simple laser pointers are also prohibited, as they could be misinterpreted as distress signals.

All cruise guests, regardless of which cruise line they are traveling with, should check the cruise line’s list of prohibited items before setting sail to see if there have been any changes or additions that could affect baggage being packed. When in doubt, it is best to leave questionable items at home to avoid possible confiscation or delays at embarkation security checks or other difficulties.

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