NYK Car Carrier Experiences Steering Failure Amidst Australian Storm

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A car carrier ship owned by NYK is facing steering problems while caught in a storm off the coast of Melbourne, Australia. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has directed the vessel to head further out to sea to minimize danger to the coastline and the crew. Two tugboats that were sent to assist the ship were damaged in the rough sea conditions and had to abandon their efforts. The Kariyushi Leader, a Japanese-registered vessel built in 2008, had departed from Thailand and was scheduled to arrive in Melbourne earlier this week. It is currently using its bow thrusters to steer and is located approximately 60 miles south of Phillip Island.

The situation is being complicated by unusually strong winds in Australia, with gusts of up to 69 mph (60 knots) reported. The Bureau of Meteorology has warned of fallen trees and damaged buildings due to the strong winds. The weather service expects the winds to ease later on Friday and into Saturday. Despite the challenging conditions, AMSA assures that there is no immediate danger to the vessel and its crew.

The Kariyushi Leader is a 590-foot-long car carrier with a capacity of approximately 5,000 vehicles. It has a crew of 23 and has been experiencing steering problems since September 6. The ship’s AIS signal indicates that it is currently “not under command” and moving at a speed of approximately 4 knots.

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