OTG’s new training titles put seafarers at the heart of sustainability

Ocean Technologies Group
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Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has been working with partners such as the Nautical Institute and the Maritime Just Transitional Task Force to create an environmentally friendly curriculum that upskills and reskills the maritime workforce. This recognizes that seafarers are at the heart of shipping’s transition to a more sustainable future, and that they need to be equipped with the essential knowledge and capabilities to navigate the changes that lie ahead. The focus is on ESG (environmental, social and governance), with attention being paid not only to environmental goals but also to the social sustainability of shipping operations and the human dimension of decarbonisation.

OTG’s latest content releases build on an extensive learning library of titles designed to offer seafarers the flexibility to study at their own pace and time. This library includes titles on sustainability, alternative decarbonized fuels, and the potential hazards of lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles on RORO vessels. OTG believes that sustainability cannot just be a boardroom discussion, but that everyone needs to understand why it matters and how they can work together to enable more sustainable ship operations.

The introduction of alternative decarbonized fuels is an essential element of a more sustainable future, and therefore, OTG has created an “Introduction to New Types of Fuels” e-learning module to guide learners through the current possibilities of alternative fuels. Further titles will be added to the learning library to address the new risks posed by the shift to alternative forms of propulsion as the industry transitions to using zero-carbon fuels and adopting new technologies to optimize ship operations.

In conclusion, the ocean plays a vital role in regulating Earth’s climate and supporting global trade and transportation while providing food and livelihood for millions of people around the world. Therefore, promoting sustainable practices in the maritime industry is essential to maintain the health and productivity of the ocean and support the industry’s long-term viability. OTG’s efforts to create an environmentally friendly curriculum and learning library show their commitment to seafarers and a more sustainable shipping industry.

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