Pacific Basin Enhances Vessel Performance with Graphene Propeller Coating

Pacific Basin, a leading dry bulk shipping company, is set to apply a sustainable graphene-based propeller coating on 40 ships, with plans for full fleet adoption. The coating, manufactured by GIT Coatings, aims to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, aligning with industry goals for emission reduction by 2030.
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Pacific Basin, a leading dry bulk shipping company, has decided to apply a sustainable graphene-based propeller coating to improve the performance of its in-service vessels. The company plans to start with the rollout on 40 ships and eventually adopt the coating across its entire fleet. This move is seen as the largest adoption of such technology in the dry bulk sector, following efforts by other companies like Stolt Tankers and Eastern Pacific Shipping.

The decision to switch to the graphene coating comes after Pacific Basin faced challenges with edge damages to the silicone coating on its propellers, requiring frequent stripping and reapplication. The new coating, manufactured by Canadian company GIT Coatings, is expected to maintain a smooth propeller surface, improve efficiency, and reduce the need for frequent maintenance.

The graphene coating is anticipated to enhance performance, increase durability, and potentially reduce fuel consumption by up to four percent. By adopting this technology, Pacific Basin aims to improve its environmental impact, operational efficiency, and achieve better ratings in industry benchmarks like RightShip GHG ratings. The company has already started the rollout of the new coating on 40 vessels, with plans to continue implementing it across its fleet in the future.

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