Partners Reach Consensus on Concept Design for Ammonia-Fueled Tanker

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ClassNK, Consort Bunkers, Daihatsu Diesel, Daikai Engineering, and SeaTech Solutions International have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly study the development of an ammonia-fueled, ammonia bunkering tanker. The aim of this collaboration is to create ships that can transport and supply ammonia safely and efficiently, addressing concerns such as toxicity and corrosiveness. The five parties will work together to design and obtain approval for this concept.

ClassNK, as part of its role, will review the safety and integrity of the design in accordance with their rules related to ammonia transport and fuel use. Consort Bunkers expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to work with prestigious partners on advancing ammonia bunkering and pledged their full support to the project. Daihatsu Diesel highlighted their knowledge on combustion characteristics and exhaust gas emissions, which they will utilize to contribute to the development of ammonia bunkering vessels and GHG reduction technology.

Capt M Segar of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore emphasized the importance of joint studies in deepening the industry’s knowledge and confidence in handling new future fuels. This collaboration will accelerate the development of future fuel solutions. Mikio Kaneda of Daikai Engineering noted that the maritime sector is on the verge of a disruptive period, and their joint initiative symbolizes their dedication to sustainable innovation.

Overall, these five companies have come together to study the development of an ammonia-fueled tanker, with the goal of creating a safe and efficient means of transporting and supplying ammonia. Through collaboration and expertise sharing, they aim to obtain approval for their concept design and contribute to the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

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