Philippines Emerges as Asia’s Top Cruise Destination for the First Time

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The Philippines has been named Asia’s Best Cruise Destination for 2023 at the World Cruise Awards. This is the first time the country has received this recognition, solidifying its position as a rising force in the global cruise and tourism industry. The World Cruise Awards, affiliated with the World Travel Awards, celebrates excellence in the cruise industry and is highly anticipated by professionals, media, and consumers worldwide. The Philippine Department of Tourism expressed gratitude for the award, highlighting the country’s stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, diverse marine life, and warm hospitality. With destinations like Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao recently receiving accolades, the recognition as Asia’s Best Cruise Destination further reinforces the Philippines’ status as a must-visit destination. The country is projected to have 128 ports of call in 2023, expecting to bring in over 101,000 passengers and 50,000 crew members.

The Philippine Department of Tourism sees this award as a reflection of the country’s emerging prominence in the cruise industry and a validation of the collective efforts of the tourism industry and government. They are committed to maintaining and enhancing the Philippines’ standing as an outstanding cruise destination in Asia and the world. The country’s potential to offer exceptional cruise experiences is now acknowledged on a global scale, and they aim to expand their cruise tourism portfolio to include new destinations. The award also aligns with their strategic objective to equalize tourism development by shining a spotlight on lesser-known destinations.

With its archipelago of 7,641 islands, the Philippines offers a wide range of cruise experiences, from exploring picturesque coastlines and coral reefs to immersing in local culture and traditions. The arrival of various cruise ships, including the Seaborne Encore, Silver Shadow, and MSC Poesia, further enhances the country’s reputation as a top cruise destination. The recognition as Asia’s Best Cruise Destination complements the recent accolades received by popular destinations like Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao, solidifying the Philippines’ allure as a must-visit destination.

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