Plan to convert Hong Kong United Dockyards for residential use

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Hongkong United Dockyards (HUD) could be redeveloped as housing under plans submitted to the government.

The CK Hutchison-owned shipyard has applied to the Hong Kong City Planning Authority to convert the land on which HUD sits in Tsing Yi from industrial to residential.

HUD said the proposal affects 19.9 hectares of land, including HUD and adjacent vacant government land, that currently has no vehicle access.

The land could be redeveloped as 10,370 private housing units and 4,700 public housing units.

“With the current land shortage in Hong Kong, HUD believes that large-scale industrial sites and derelict government land can be part of a solution to meet Hong Kong’s housing needs,” the shipyard said in a statement.

It described the proposal as medium to long-term and said it was prepared to make appropriate arrangements for its existing shipyard business if necessary.

Founded in 1972, HUD operates a 100,000 square meter shipyard

Source: News Network

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