India and Mauritius Inaugurate New projects in Agalega Island

The joint inauguration of new infrastructure projects at Agalega Island in Mauritius by Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Jugnauth marks a milestone in the strong partnership between India and Mauritius. These projects will enhance connectivity, maritime security, and socio-economic development, showcasing the deep bond between the two nations.
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The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, and the Prime Minister of Mauritius, H.E. Mr Pravind Jugnauth, jointly inaugurated a new Airstrip and St. James Jetty, along with six community development projects at Agalega Island in Mauritius via video conferencing. These projects aim to enhance connectivity between mainland Mauritius and Agalega, strengthen maritime security, and promote socio-economic development, showcasing the strong partnership between India and Mauritius. The inauguration follows the recent launch of UPI and RuPay Card services in Mauritius by the two leaders on 12 February 2024.

Prime Minister Jugnauth expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Modi for India’s support in financing the projects, emphasizing the significance of the new facilities in Agalega for Mauritius. He highlighted India’s contributions to Mauritius through initiatives like the ‘Jan Aushadhi Scheme’ and praised Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and statesmanship. The Prime Minister of Mauritius also thanked India for its assistance during the Covid pandemic and oil spill, underscoring the positive impact of India’s developmental contributions on the people of Mauritius.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the strong partnership between India and Mauritius, highlighting the countries’ common priorities and the recent momentum in bilateral relations. He commended Mauritius for becoming the first country to join India’s Jan Aushadhi initiative and expressed confidence in the future growth of India-Mauritius relations. The Prime Minister also stressed the importance of cooperation in maritime security and the blue economy, noting that the inauguration of the new facilities at Agalega will further enhance collaboration between the two nations.

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