Port of Corpus Christi customers are increasing their oil and gas export activities

View of Port of Corpus Christi
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The Port of Corpus Christi Energy Luncheon provided an overview of developments in the oil and gas export industry. The event included speakers from the port, Enbridge, and Cheniere, and highlighted the importance of oil exports for US national security and the world’s energy needs. The luncheon touched on possible reforms being discussed in Washington to speed up and streamline the oil permitting process, as well as future plans for the Enbridge Ingleside Energy Center (EIEC) facility.

Enbridge’s Phil Anderson outlined the company’s strategy to connect things together, highlighting Enbridge’s recent acquisition of a controlling interest in the Gray Oak pipeline in the Permian Basin. Anderson mentioned plans to expand the capacity of the pipeline by 20%, or 200,000 barrels per day. Meanwhile, Cheniere’s Corey Grindal discussed the company’s operations in Corpus Christi and Sabine Pass, as well as an ongoing expansion to increase export capacity. Grindal emphasized the geopolitical and environmental importance of LNG exports and projected a global market of around 700 million tons per year by 2040.

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