Princess Cruises announces new coffee partnership

Princess Cruises Lavazza coffee
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Guests aboard Princess Cruises ships will soon be able to brighten up their mornings with world-renowned coffee brand LavAzza, an Italian company known for exceptional coffee products of the highest quality and rich taste. As the cruise line’s new official coffee partner, LavAzza will be offering delicious beers and more across the Princess fleet this spring.

Official coffee partner announced

LavAzza has been announced as the new Official Coffee Partner of Princess Cruises and as such will begin serving coffee products on all Princess ships this spring.

“Princess guests love their coffee as a morning ritual in the International Café on the legendary Princess Square”, said John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises. “With a relentless focus on what matters to our guests, we enhance the experience and enhance our Italian heritage with Lavazza.”

The LavAzza range includes not only a selection of hot coffee, but also ready-to-drink cans. But the coffee partnership goes beyond drinks.

Princess Cruises Lavazza coffee

LavAzza, along with Princess Executive Chefs, will help curate coffee-inspired dinners and specially designed recipes, adding a decadent flavor to every menu. In addition, education, tastings, food pairings and tastings will also be part of the cruise ship coffee experience, giving coffee lovers even more opportunities to discover their favorite beans.

The two brands will also collaborate on upcoming marketing campaigns, promotions and exclusive events.

“We have been inspired by the way Princess Cruises creates unforgettable experiences for their guests and feel a strong synergy between both brands in our commitment to quality, innovation and entertainment.” said Camille Vareille, Vice President, Head of Marketing Americas at Lavazza Group.

“We are excited to come on board to offer an elevated coffee program and introduce our premium products to a broader, international audience.”

As Princess Cruises welcomes millions of guests to worldwide destinations each year, the partnership is indeed an international one, but no precise timeline has been announced for the rollout of LavAzza products across the fleet.

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Different ships are likely to start delivering different products at different times depending on available supplies, delivery schedules and other factors, but such high-quality offers are certainly welcomed.

“Our Lavazza partnership gives our guests one more thing to love about a Princess vacation,” said Padgett.

About Lavazza

Founded in 1895 in Turin, Italy, LavAzza has a long history of excellence in the coffee industry. Today it is still run by the third and fourth generations of the founding family and is the seventh coffee roaster in the world with sales in more than 90 countries.

Each family member who has worked in the company has contributed to growing it and transforming it into the company it is today, while still remaining faithful to the qualities of passion and innovation inherited from Luigi Lavazza. This innovative spirit has resulted in an exceptional product and delicious beers loved by millions.

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For decades, the company has combined beans from different regions to create distinctive blends, including the highest quality coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico and other well-known coffee producers.

At the same time, the company is also committed to sustainability, which aligns well with Princess Cruises’ commitment to the environment and ongoing Planet Princess initiatives.

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