Princess Ship’s Itinerary Significantly Altered due to Hurricane Impact

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Princess Cruises has made significant changes to the itinerary of the Caribbean Princess due to Hurricane Lee. The ship was originally scheduled to visit several Canadian ports, as well as Bar Harbor, Maine, and Boston, Massachusetts, before arriving in New York City. However, the approaching storm has forced the ship to alter its plans. The ports of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Bar Harbor, Maine, will be skipped entirely. Instead, the ship will visit Sydney, Nova Scotia a day early and head directly to Boston, arriving 12 hours ahead of the storm. The ship will remain in Boston until the seas have calmed, and then continue on to New York City as planned.

While these changes have already been made, further alterations may still be necessary depending on the weather forecast. Hurricane Lee is currently a Category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph. It is projected to be in the New England area by late Friday or early Saturday. Other cruises have also been affected by the storm, including those to Bermuda, Canada, and Greenland. This week is historically the peak of Atlantic hurricane season, with the most numerous and strongest storms. Another area of low pressure off the coast of Africa is also showing signs of organization and may become a tropical storm or hurricane in the coming week.

Overall, Princess Cruises is prioritizing the safety of its guests and crew by making these itinerary changes. While some rough seas may still be experienced, the altered route aims to provide the most comfortable cruise experience possible. Passengers have been notified of the changes and will have the opportunity to explore Boston, subject to any port restrictions that may arise due to weather conditions. The Caribbean Princess is a large vessel capable of accommodating over 3,000 guests and is currently offering various Canada and New England itineraries before repositioning to Fort Lauderdale in late October.

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