Retirement Dreams: Couple Sells Home to Embrace Full-Time Life at Sea on a Cruise Ship

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Mike and Barbara Soroker, aged 80 and 75 respectively, have decided to sell their New York flat and purchase a £2 million cabin on the MV Narrative, a cruise ship that will take them on a three-year journey around the world. The ship, currently under construction, is set to sail in 2025 and will allow passengers to spend several days exploring each port. The couple is looking forward to seeing new places while they are still healthy and alive. The 547-cabin ship offers amenities such as pools, restaurants, a microbrewery, and a library.

To fund their new lifestyle, the Sorokers plan to sell their New York apartment and use their Boca Raton home as a temporary base. They are also making arrangements for medical care during the trip and hope to spend time with their two children. Another couple, Marty and Jess Ansen, have also chosen to live on a cruise ship, claiming that it is cheaper than a retirement home. They have booked 51 cruises in a row and have become popular figures onboard.

The Sorokers have been cruising for years but decided to go full-time after the Covid-19 pandemic. They felt they missed out on fun during lockdown and wanted to spend their days on holiday. They find the lifestyle affordable compared to a retirement home and enjoy the convenience of onboard staff taking care of daily chores. The couple starts each day with an hour of ping pong before indulging in the ship’s buffet. They have several more months on their current cruise and plan to embark on a year-long cruise afterward.

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