Royal Caribbean Suspends Stops at Labadee, Haiti Amid Violence Surge

Royal Caribbean International is suspending stops at its private destination in Haiti due to recent violence. The cruise line's Labadee port, transformed into an amusement park, is now off-limits. Passengers will have alternative stops or days at sea. Royal Caribbean has faced criticism for continuing calls to Haiti in the past.
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Royal Caribbean International has decided to suspend stops at its private destination in Haiti due to the recent increase in violence in the Caribbean nation. The cruise line made this decision after Haiti’s prime minister agreed to step down and both the United States and United Nations advised their citizens and aid workers to leave the country immediately. Haiti has been dealing with ongoing violence and lawlessness, with recent incidents including gangs attempting to storm facilities in Port-au-Prince and the main airport.

Royal Caribbean’s private port in Haiti, Labadee, has been a popular stop for the cruise line for many years. Originally a beach destination with a BBQ, Labadee has since been transformed into an amusement park-like area with activities such as zip lining and coaster rides. The company has decided to suspend visits to Labadee for all its ships as a precautionary measure, with CEO Michael Bayley announcing the suspension for the next seven days.

In response to the suspension of stops in Haiti, Royal Caribbean is offering alternative destinations for its passengers, such as extended stops in other ports like Falmouth in Jamaica or adding new destinations like Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos. This is not the first time Royal Caribbean has had to suspend stops in Haiti, with past suspensions due to weather-related issues or unrest in the country. The cruise line has faced criticism for continuing stops in Haiti during times of crisis, such as after the devastating earthquake, but has defended its actions by stating that they were bringing relief supplies to the island.

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