Saam Towage Brazil’s Operations Achieve Full Carbon Neutrality

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SAAM Towage Brazil has announced that it has become the country’s first carbon-neutral towage company. The company has offset its carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits from the Estre Pedreira biogas project. The project captures and destroys methane gas generated by household garbage at a landfill in São Paulo, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere. The captured gas is then used as fuel to generate energy. These carbon credits are certified by the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism. SAAM Towage Brazil operates 68 tugs at 19 ports in Brazil.

Renata Ervilha, SAAM Towage Brazil Country Manager, stated that becoming carbon neutral is part of the company’s sustainability strategy and demonstrates its commitment to offering better service for foreign trade while seeking more sustainable development. The company has implemented internal measures to control and reduce diesel consumption, aiming to improve operational efficiency.

SAAM Towage Brazil’s initiative is a significant step towards eco-friendly management in the towage industry. By offsetting its carbon footprint and actively seeking alternatives for more sustainable development, the company is positioning itself as an ally for its customers in the pursuit of a greener future.

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