Samsung Heavy Industries Makes Acquisition in Shipbuilding Sector

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Samsung Heavy Industries has become the first company in the shipbuilding industry to acquire the International Organization for Standardization’s ‘Compliance Management System (ISO 37301)’ and ‘Anti-Corruption Management System (ISO 37001)’ certification. These certifications are awarded after a rigorous evaluation of a company’s compliance and anti-corruption management systems. Samsung Heavy Industries has been recognized for its compliance policy, risk response system, and anti-corruption measures that meet global standards. The company has been continuously improving its compliance program since 2019, including providing customized compliance training for employees. Samsung Heavy Industries CEO, Jin-taek Jeong, expressed pride in the company’s internationally recognized efforts and vowed to maintain compliance management at a global level.

The ISO Annual Meeting 2023, hosted by Standards Australia, emphasized the importance of International Standards in addressing global needs and advancing progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The meeting highlighted the pivotal role that these standards play in achieving the SDGs.

Samsung Heavy Industries’ achievement in acquiring the ISO certifications showcases its commitment to compliance and ethical management. The company’s compliance program has been externally evaluated and improved since 2019, with measures such as customized compliance training for employees. The CEO emphasized the importance of maintaining compliance management at a global level and strengthening ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management.

Overall, Samsung Heavy Industries’ acquisition of the ISO certifications demonstrates its dedication to meeting global standards in compliance and anti-corruption management. The company’s efforts have been internationally recognized, and it aims to enhance the reliability of compliance with customers and stakeholders. By establishing a culture of compliance, Samsung Heavy Industries is positioning itself as a leader in ethical and responsible business practices in the shipbuilding industry.

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