Seafarers now have the upper hand in the crew employment market, survey finds

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Danica, a crewing specialist, has released the results of its latest seafarer survey, showing that wages for men and women working at sea have increased by at least 10% since the last survey two years ago. The survey indicates that there is a surplus of job offers, giving seafarers the ability to be selective in their choice of employment. The wage gap between Filipino and Eastern European officers is narrowing, and Indian senior officers on dry cargo vessels are receiving salaries 10% higher than their Eastern European counterparts.

The survey also revealed that salary increases are the most common reason for seafarers switching shipping companies. However, the survey also found that 36% of respondents claimed their salary was not paid on time, and 23% reported experiencing a shortage of food or drinking water during their recent voyages. The survey, which had 6,228 seafarers participating, also identified a shortage of bosuns, cooks, and fitters, with Ukrainian fitters experiencing pay increases of up to 30% due to the high demand.

Henrik Jensen, CEO of Danica Crewing Specialists, stated that the wage increases are due to a general shortage of competent seafarers and a better financial situation for most vessel owners, making employers more generous with remuneration. The survey highlights the need for owners to ensure their seafarers are treated well in the face of strong competition for crew.

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