Seafarers on Maersk Ships to Receive Starlink Internet Connection

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Maersk Line, one of the world’s leading shipping companies, has decided to equip all 330 of its owned vessels with Starlink satcom terminals. Starlink, provided by SpaceX, offers low-earth-orbit, high-speed, low-latency, and low-cost satellite communication services. Maersk initially conducted a trial run on 30 of its ships, with crew members reporting “very positive” feedback about the 200 Mbps connection. The decision to roll out Starlink to all vessels was based on these results. This move will provide Maersk’s seafarers with seamless streaming, high-definition video calls, and improved connectivity. Additionally, the high-speed connectivity will enable cost-saving digitalization measures, such as moving onboard business applications to the cloud and strengthening remote support and inspection services.

Maersk’s decision to adopt Starlink is expected to boost efficiency and connectivity for its vessels, which play a crucial role in global trade. Other maritime users, including Seaspan, Anglo-Eastern, Solstad, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and NCL, have also incorporated Starlink into their operations. Most third-party connectivity providers have added Starlink to their service portfolios, and it can be purchased directly from SpaceX for $250 per month plus $2,500 in equipment.

Overall, Maersk’s adoption of Starlink reflects the growing popularity of this satellite communication service in the maritime industry. Its high-speed and low-cost features, coupled with positive feedback from users, make it an attractive choice for shipping companies looking to enhance connectivity and efficiency at sea.

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