Search for two missing people from cruise ships suspended by Coast Guard

File photo of the Carnival Glory at sea
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The US Coast Guard has suspended searches for two individuals who fell overboard from separate cruise ships. The first search was for 28-year-old Tyler Barnett, who went missing from the Carnival Glory Cruise ship off the coast of Louisiana. Despite extensive efforts, he could not be found. The search was hampered by difficult weather conditions, including high seas, limited visibility, and strong winds, leading to the decision to suspend active search operations.

The second search was for a 30-year-old crew member of the MSC Seascape Cruise ship, who is believed to have fallen overboard in the Atlantic Ocean near Puerto Rico. Despite the cruise ship’s efforts to locate the crew member using lifelines and lifebuoys, rescue workers were unable to find any survivors. The extensive search efforts covering a large area did not yield any results, and the crew member remains missing.

The Coast Guard and the cruise ships deployed various forces and conducted air and surface searches in their efforts to find the missing individuals. Unfortunately, the adverse weather conditions and the vast search areas made it challenging to locate the individuals who fell overboard.

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