SHIP INSPECTION | Strazak-28 – The Polish Port Authority’s new firefighting vessel has ice navigation capability

SHIP INSPECTION |  Strazak-28 – The Polish Port Authority's new firefighting vessel has ice navigation capability
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Photo: Remontowa Shipbuilding
The Polish Seaport Authority of Szczecin and Swinoujscie recently put a new ice-capable firefighting vessel into service.

The ship was built at a shipyard in Gdańsk and is appropriately named Strazak-28 (“Fireman-28”). It is the third ship in the seaport authority’s fleet of firefighting boats, which are also designed for use in the harsh conditions of the southern Baltic Sea.

The new building is 29.2 meters long, 10.47 meters wide, has a draft of 3.45 meters and two pumps that can each discharge 2,700 cubic meters of water or foam per minute via three monitors installed in front of and behind the wheelhouse . The firefighting equipment and associated wheelhouse electronics were supplied by Fire Fighting Systems.

The ship is also used for oil spill response, search and rescue (SAR), maritime security patrols and limited towing duties. Thanks to two diesel engines and an ASD propulsion arrangement, a bollard pull of 45 tons and a coasting speed of 12 knots can be achieved.

Photo: Remontowa Shipbuilding

Deck equipment includes a Melcal crane, while interiors feature fixtures from Remontowa Technical Lighting. The lights themselves are partially made of explosion-proof material for increased crew safety. Other safety features include a positive pressure system to minimize the presence of hazardous gases inside and a citadel. Among the compartments is one for housing rescued accident survivors.

The wheelhouse offers enhanced 360 degree visibility and features a split steering console to allow crews to operate the vessel while seated either forward or aft facing. The wheelhouse electronics also include devices from Zollner and Siemens.

Strazak-28 is used as a standby ship when tankers load and unload flammable gases and liquids and other dangerous substances in the ports of Szczecin and Swinoujscie.

The design work on the ship was carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Polish Shipping Register.

Photo: Remontowa Shipbuilding
ship type: fire ship
Classification: Polish Shipping Register
Flag: Poland
Owner: Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority, Poland
Overall length: 29.2 meters
Beam: 10.47 meters
Draft: 3.45 meters
Main Engines: 2
Maximum speed: 12 knots
bollard pull: 45 tons
Other electronics: firefighting systems; Zollner; Siemens
Crane: Melkal
Other installed devices: overpressure system
Interior lighting: Remontowa Technical lighting
Firefighting equipment: 2 Fire Fighting Systems foam/water pumps; 3 monitors for firefighting systems
Type of fuel: Diesel
Operation area: Baltic Sea, Poland


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