Shipping urgently needs consistency and clarity in regulation – ABS

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Vassilios Krousstallis, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development and Global Marine at ABS, has stressed the need for a clear orientation for the market regarding shipping regulations. Speaking at the Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East keynote session, Krousstallis acknowledged the challenges faced by regulators but pointed to the need for a unified regulatory approach. The upcoming COP 28 meeting in Dubai was cited as an opportunity to demonstrate how the industry is responding to calls for sustainability.

Krousstallis also highlighted the increasing regulatory burden on shipping. Compliance with new regulations, such as the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), requires a delicate balance of many factors, with all parties involved in the operation playing a key role in maintaining compliance. Ports must ensure they offer the most environmentally friendly facilities to maintain a ship’s CII rating, whilst the evolution of shore power supply in a region will also determine the technologies that ship owners employ for their vessels. The lack of a unified approach to shipping regulation poses a challenge to high-risk decarbonisation investments and creates an uncertain regulatory environment for the industry.

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