Simplified Management of EU ETS

ZeroNorth’s Emissions Analytics module assists shipowners, operators, and charterers in managing their EUA exposure under the extended EU ETS for shipping. Clients can now request EUA purchases from Vitol through the platform, streamlining the process and reducing costs. ZeroNorth CEO and Vitol's Head of Energy Transition express optimism about the partnership.
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ZeroNorth has introduced a new Emissions Analytics module to assist shipowners, operators, and charterers in managing their EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) exposure, a requirement that now includes shipping as of January 1. This module allows clients to request the purchase of the necessary number of EU Allowances (EUAs) from Vitol to meet their commitments, streamlining the acquisition process and avoiding high commission fees. It also facilitates exposure management between owners and charterers through monitoring, reporting, and validation procedures.

CEO Søren Meyer emphasized the importance of the EU ETS in reducing emissions from shipping and the need for solutions to help smaller customers navigate the regulation. By partnering with Vitol’s Carbon Desk, a leader in carbon compliance markets, ZeroNorth aims to simplify the compliance workflows for customers of all sizes. Vitol’s Head of Energy Transition – Shipping, Ian Butler, expressed hope that this partnership will help ZeroNorth users navigate the complexities of the EU ETS and simplify the process of purchasing EUAs.

The collaboration between ZeroNorth and Vitol’s Carbon Desk aims to make it easier for customers to purchase the necessary EUAs to reduce emissions from shipping. By leveraging Vitol’s expertise in carbon compliance markets and ZeroNorth’s innovative solutions, the partnership seeks to streamline compliance workflows and support customers in meeting their emissions reduction commitments in an increasingly complex shipping environment.

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