Singapore prepares for the launch of an innovative electric light cargo ship

Singapore's first electric cargo vessel. Photo courtesy of YGT.
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Singapore’s first electric cargo ship, the Hydromover, is set to begin sea trials and be launched in the fourth quarter. Developed by the Goal Zero consortium, the ship can carry 25 tons of cargo and has a replaceable battery that can be swapped in minutes. Yinson Green Technologies (YGT), part of the consortium, plans to introduce an electric crew transfer vessel called Hydroglycer by the end of the year. YGT aims to provide clean electric vessel services and support the maritime industry’s transition to net zero.

In line with the local port authority’s requirement for all new harbor boats to be zero-emissions by 2030, Shell launched Singapore’s first all-electric passenger ferry in May. The Goal Zero consortium, led by SeaTech Solutions International, received funding from the Singapore government to develop electric ships. Meanwhile, YGT is expanding its electric vehicle business in Malaysia, including electric bike leasing and electric vehicle leasing, and currently operates the largest network of EV charging stations in Malaysia.

YGT’s CEO, Eirik Barclay, emphasized the company’s focus on electrifying the marine sector and highlighted the massive potential market for electric motorcycles in Southeast Asia. With plans to launch more electric vehicle-related businesses and expand its charging infrastructure, YGT is positioning itself as a key player in the region’s clean energy transition.

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