Southeast Asia’s “first” hybrid CTV handed over to HST

Southeast Asia's "first" hybrid CTV handed over to HST
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Shipbuilder Strategic Marine on Wednesday unveiled a new shipyard with a 5,000 DWT dry dock and a 6,000 DWT slipway. The company said it also surrendered Southeast Asia’s First Hybrid Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) to HST Marine and introduced the Gen-4 One Fast Crew Boat (FCB).

Located at JTC’s port site at 5 Benoi Road in western Singapore, the new shipyard will enable Strategic Marine to expand its shipbuilding capabilities and increase its maintenance and repair capabilities.

It has a 5,000 DWT dry dock with a length of 105 m, a width of 18.5 m and a depth of 8 m, as well as a 6,000 DWT slipway.

As part of the opening ceremony, the hybrid CTV HST Swansea will be handed over to its new owner, UK-based HST Marine, alongside its sister ship HST Tynemouth. This pair of vessels are the first two of four units ordered by HST Marine earlier this year.

Both ships are designed for the operation of offshore wind farms and feature hybrid technology. Sea Forest Power Solutions and Strategic Marine have collaborated to develop the parallel hybrid system on both vessels, which will significantly reduce main engine hours and maintenance, as well as CO2 emissions during operation.

After the handover ceremony, Strategic Marine unveiled its fourth generation FCB, the “Gen-4 One”. “Gen-4 One” is equipped with a gyro stabilizer and an all-new hull shape to ensure optimal safety for personnel transfers to offshore platforms and increased fuel efficiency, Strategic Marine said.

It is also built to the highest standards of safety and comfort to ensure crew well-being with spacious business class berths, bow entrances and large deck lockers with wide gangways.

“We are very pleased to officially open our new shipyard and to continue our commitment to offer our customers high quality and first-class ships,” he said Chan Eng Yew, CEO of Strategic Marine. “With the handover of Southeast Asia’s first hybrid CTV to its new owners and the unveiling of our fourth generation FCB, Strategic Marine continues to provide innovative solutions to the offshore wind and energy industry.”

“We are excited to introduce our latest FCB to the industry and demonstrate our commitment to providing safe and efficient team transfer solutions,” added Mr. Chan. “Our fourth generation fast crew boat is the result of years of research and development and we believe it will set the standard for crew transfer vessels in the industry. We also recently announced Gen 4 with hybrid capability, a first for this asset class globally.”

Source: News Network

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