Spire and MAN Energy Solutions Collaborate to Enhance Digitalization Strategy

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MAN Energy Solutions has partnered with Spire Global to integrate weather data and real-time automatic identification system (AIS) vessel-tracking data into its digital platform, MAN-CEON. This integration aims to improve performance, troubleshooting, and decarbonisation insights for customers in the maritime industry. By utilizing AIS and weather data for route mapping, the shipping industry can potentially reduce fuel consumption by 1%. In addition to this collaboration, MAN Energy Solutions and Spire will work together to develop AI models that analyze engine data and create more cost-efficient solutions for customers. The goal of this partnership is to accelerate the rate of digitalization in the maritime industry and contribute to the decarbonization efforts.

MAN Energy Solutions focuses on decarbonizing key sectors of the global economy by reducing emissions that have historically been difficult to address. By enriching their product data with Spire’s AIS and weather data, they aim to optimize their products and improve engine performance while also contributing to decarbonization efforts. This partnership highlights the importance of utilizing data and digital solutions to drive efficiency and sustainability in the maritime industry.

This collaboration between MAN Energy Solutions and Spire Global demonstrates the growing trend of digitalization in the maritime industry. By integrating weather data and AIS vessel-tracking data into their digital platform, MAN-CEON, they aim to provide customers with valuable insights and optimization opportunities. Additionally, the development of AI models for engine data analysis shows a commitment to finding innovative and cost-efficient solutions for customers. This partnership aligns with MAN Energy Solutions’ strategy of decarbonizing key sectors and contributes to the industry-wide goal of reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

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