Successful Trials of the World’s First Hydrogen-Fueled Inland Shipping Barge

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The Netherlands’ Lenten Scheepvaart has made history by owning the first newly constructed hydrogen-enabled inland shipping barge, marking a significant advancement in the shipping industry’s efforts to transport cargo on Dutch inland waterways with zero emissions. The hydrogen-electric cargo vessel Antonie (WEVA) was constructed by Concordia Damen Shipbuilding, and received a provisional certificate from Lloyd’s Register during its technical sea trials in late October, allowing it to be put into operation. The project, which is a collaboration between Concordia Damen Shipbuilding, CCM3, Nobian, Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology, Energy TransStore, NRPC, and Lenten Scheepvaart, has received funding from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.

The Antonie will be transporting salt for Nobian, a company that manufactures vital chemicals for European businesses, and will be powered by hydrogen generated during the manufacturing of chlor-alkali, serving as a clean fuel for the vessel. With three hydrogen canisters on board, the Antonie will soon have enough energy for complete zero-emission transportation between Delfzijl-Rotterdam-Delfzijl. A hydrogen bunker station is currently being constructed in Delfzijl with government funding to support the project.

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