Abandoned Superyacht Alfa Nero: Nightmare for Antigua Government

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The superyacht Alfa Nero has been abandoned by its owner, leading to a nightmare situation for the Government of Antigua. The 267-foot vessel was seized by the government but is now costing taxpayers $28,000 weekly for maintenance. This includes the salary of an Italian captain and $2,000 a day in diesel costs to keep the generators running. The lack of an owner hasn’t affected the luxury of the yacht, but a lack of air conditioning is a major issue. The Alfa Nero has intricate interiors that require continuous air conditioning to prevent mold from spreading. Without proper maintenance, the vessel’s value could be exceeded by its running costs.

The Alfa Nero is an impressive yacht with luxurious cabins, a tasteful nautical theme, and exquisite interiors. It features an infinity pool, a grand piano, a helipad, a spa, a gym, and a grand master suite. However, the vessel’s crew has been reduced from 44 to just six, and 25 crew members have sued for unpaid wages totaling $2.1 million. The daily fuel costs of $2,000 are just one part of the financial burden faced by the government.

The situation with the Alfa Nero highlights the challenges faced by cash-strapped nations in maintaining seized vessels. With mounting bills, countries like Antigua struggle to keep up with the costs. The yacht’s extravagant features and intricate interiors require constant air conditioning to prevent damage, making it even more costly to maintain. The legal battle over unpaid wages adds to the financial strain faced by the government.

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