The founder of the Liberian registry, Yoram Cohen, has died.

Yorem Cohen founder of the Liberian Registry has passed away
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The Liberian Registry (LISCR) has paid tribute to its founder and Chairman Emeritus Yoram, who passed away recently.

Cohen was highly regarded for stabilizing the Liberian registry beginning in the late 1990s and then driving its remarkable growth and worldwide expansion throughout much of the 2000s. Under his direction, the register became an institution in the maritime sector. He was widely admired for his dedication to shipowners’ customers and for his efforts to innovate in the flag industry.

In 2016, Cohen was succeeded as Chair of the Liberian Registry by his two sons, Adam and Elan Cohen, but he remained a leader and mentor within LISCR.

Cohen is remembered and admired by peers for his sharp commercial vision and unique sense of humor. He was known for his exceptionally authentic and disarming style of communication. Colleagues cheerfully recall that it was very “Yoram”. The Liberian Registry attributes the foundation of its service culture to Cohen’s intuitive ability to connect personally with customers and industry partners. He was an inspiration to his staff and many friends and colleagues in Liberia and around the world.

His sons Adam and Elan remarked: “Yoram was a consummate optimist and risk taker. So original in everything he did. He saved the register in an acutely difficult time and made it flourish. His creative imagination was second to none and enabled him to build multiple companies and commercial teams. He has been a mentor to so many and is responsible for much of Liberia’s local economic development. He was a pillar in the various industries and countries in which he worked. We are so proud of who he was and what he built.”

Cohen was a serial entrepreneur who founded and ran numerous successful companies spanning the globe, ranging from organizations in the maritime industry to the telecommunications sector.

The Liberian registry is the fastest growing major flag in the world, and its staff commend Cohen for setting its core principles and fundamental roadmap to success.

The Liberian Registry has a long-standing track record of combining the highest safety standards for vessels and crews with the highest level of responsive and innovative service for owners. In addition, it enjoys a well-deserved reputation for supporting international legislation aimed at maintaining and enhancing the safety and effectiveness of the shipping industry and the protection of the marine environment.

Source: News Network

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