The IMO is developing an updated plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping

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The meeting of the Intersessional Working Group on Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships lasted four days, March 20-24, with more than 750 registered participants from almost 80 IMO member states.

The topics for discussion were suggestions for possible changes to the IMO Ship Fuel Consumption Data Acquisition System (DCS).

In particular, given their heavy workload, the group recommended that the Working Group on Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency give further consideration to proposed draft amendments to the DCS.

The original IMO strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships was adopted in 2018.

Finally, the updated and revised strategy is expected to be adopted by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), the decision-making body, at its next 80th meeting on July 3-7, 2023.

Source: News Network

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